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Move your WordPress website to the most scalable, and reliable cloud platform for high-performance, and powerful security included as standard.


The only 100% uptime DNS

With our global private cloud we’re able to provide near instant DNS propagation, and close to instant response times – with one of the most reliant, and consistent DNS delivery systems ever.

DNS Level DDoS Mitigation

All of our DNS systems are load balanced, and Anycast'd to prevent DNS level attacks, we take advantage of tiered balancing and traffic steering to prevent DNS attacks.

100% Uptime

Our DNS system is tiered, and as a result has never had downtime, by using intelligent systems we're able to maintain a 100% uptime guarentee'd DNS system.

Powerful AI Content Delivery

We have developed a integrated system using a multi-tier content delivery network that spans over 55+ PoP Locations, including our own three locations in centralise cities.

HTTP/2 and IPv6

Our bespoke CDN system has been optimised and designed to have the latest functionalities such as HTTP/2 and IPv6 assignment, we're also a quic.cloud partner, and our CDN is interchangeable to quic.

Brotli Compression

Brotli compression has become mainstream, and as a result our CDN stack has now been updated to support the highest layer compression, reducing TFFB by 30%~ on average.

Security through Obscurity

Our Edge based WAF has been built to ensure that day-one-vulnerabilities are virtually patched, alongside with common CMS OWASP patches – adding layers of security to any CMS like WordPress.

Realtime CMS Patching

Similiar to our CDN, our WAF solution is tiered, and currently supports two-layer routing, enabling our websites to have the combined power and functionalities without the complicated setup.

Layer-7 DDoS Mitigation

We currently, as one of the only providers to support Layer 7 application protection against DdoS attacks, usually designed to be damaging to services in bursts.